Monday, February 15, 2010

The Shred Part Two-Day 8

It's Monday and I'm feeling much better. My nose may disagree with that statement but at least I've been cushioning the blow with lotion tissues.

I even felt up to Level 2 today and did quite well. I can remember when the plank push-ups and plank jacks scared the crud out of me. Not any more. Anyone who's doing level 2 for the first time, my advice on the push-ups is don't bend your legs and really push through and it will get easier. The first couple of times I did them I let my legs bend and that was that...I couldn't do them. But now I love doing them.

So, today was supposed to be weights and measures. With my dad visiting, jockeying bathroom time was tricky so I only got to weigh myself. Speaking of measures...I may only keep measuring my waist, chest, and add in hips. The calves, thighs, and biceps aren't really that exciting to me anyway.

And I forgot to mention last night with my menu...I ate cheesecake. And it was good. And completely worth having to watch what I ate the rest of the day. My dad's cheesecake is amazing-truly.

What did I eat today?

Green chai tea (ehh, not my favorite)
2 egg tacos-low fat flour tortilla, egg, cheese, leftover steak (one slice each), Red Hot

Bowl of Corn Flakes with Honey

Roasted chicken
Boiled potatoes
Steamed asparagus
A couple tears of bread
I made a recipe from March's issue of Martha-the roasted chicken. It was good but could have used a bit more flavor.
I added no butter to my foods and they were still good (I think I'm in withdrawals and I'm trying to compensate). I used the white balsamic vinegar again tonight. Originally it was for the asparagus but it ended up being quite nice on the chicken too.

I picked up some QD Butter Pecan ice cream last night for the boys and they'd like to have it tonight. I may very well steal one bite.

So, how did the scale treat me this week? 215.0 And that means I lost 5 pounds last week! That's incredible to me. I'm so excited.

Here's to a four day week!

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  1. Good for you! Your egg taco sounds delish! I assume you're using a tortilla too?