Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Shred Part Two-Day 3

Level 3 of the Shred today. I'm pushing myself to do mostly Natalie style things. This does, however, end up in my doing less--maybe two or three reps less--so is it worth it?

Anyway, did I mention...SNOW DAY! We got the call last night even! It was great. Oh, I mean, it IS great.

So, I didn't do the LCW today because hubs has asked that I come with him to work and help him paint. I had planned on heading outside to shovel our driveway while the hubs was shoveling at a customer's house but he made it home to do ours' before I got done with my workout and such.

The video doesn't really do justice to how much snow we have. When I let Codie out this morning it was hilarious. She was just pushing her way through the drifts. But I think she's cute!

Today I made some puff pastries with dark and milk chocolate stuffed in the middle-like a pan au chocolat. One for me and one for hubs. Hubs at his when he got in from the cold and really liked it. I took one bite, looked at the fat content and about flipped. 13 grams of fat in the pastry alone! I had to make a big decision. So sad. I took one more bite and gave the rest to hubby. I'm guessing it had about 5 grams of fat in the amount I ate. Oy.

Hubby got a breakfast burrito today and I made myself a scramble-eggs, potatoes (leftover from last night), mushrooms, shallots, spicy turkey sausage, and cheese.

I already put dinner in the crockpot-white chicken chili. Although, the hubs says I'm not allowed to call it that--because it's not chili like enough. So, spicy chicken soup with white beans it is.

I ate breakfast rather late so I might try to forgo lunch.

Anyway, enjoy your day everyone. Have a great workout!

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