Friday, February 19, 2010

The Shred Part Two-Day 11 & 12

Days eleven and twelve done! Last night got so late-and frankly I got so tired-I could barely even get into the shower let alone blog.

Last night was level 2 while tonight was level 3. And gosh darn, what do I have to do to yearn for working out? Every night it's the same thing.

"C'mon Holly, it's only 20 minutes."
"Do it now and then eat."
"If you keep procrastinating it just means it's going to be later when you're done."
"Put the computer down, you can blog/FB/tweet (or is it twit?) later."

And then of course when I'm done I'm so glad I did it. It's just the getting to it part.

Anyhow, today I consumed:
Green tea with mixed berry
Fat free Greek yogurt with honey and granola

6 Multigrain Wheat Thins with 6 cubes of cheese-small cubes (I love cheese)

Turkey lasagna--but not the whole thing this time. The Wheat Thins put me over the edge


I scoped out MckMama's post today about lunch and decided to make it for dinner. I've been craving pizza like mad but couldn't bring myself to eat it--way too much of a splurge. But this I can handle. Smaller size and I'm controlling what all's going into it. Thanks MckMama!
So mini pizza pockets and a salad with mixed baby greens, spinach, egg, toasted cashews, and uber light ranch. (o:

Oh, and I totally ate one slice of the fresh mozzarella while I was making the salad. I couldn't help it and it was delicious!

Happy Friday night. The hubs and I have an appointment at the Apple store tomorrow. New trackpad for the MacBook. Poor little MacBook. But before then we're having lunch with the hubs' best friend (best man in our wedding) at their favorite--and I mean favorite spot. I'll give more details tomorrow.

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  1. Hi back! I have friends in Grand Ledge and by Ionia. I will actually be visiting some of them on Monday. :) We have a pool party in Lansing in March, too. :) We live in the Kalamazoo area. :D