Friday, February 26, 2010

Small Obsession

Okay, so I may have more than one. What's your obsession? Mine is yellow. Although, my favorite color is peach...peach like a Push-Up Pop. Isn't that such a delicious color?

Speaking of food, tonight I made veggie burgers. They were okay but that's entirely my own fault. I added way too much ginger.
"Mmm, I love ginger."
Scrape, scrape, scrape. (That's my microplaner)
Scrape, scrape, scrape.
Scrape, scrape, scrape.
Scrape, scrape, scrape.

Yeah, they're ginger-y.

In retrospect, I think I'd also smooth out the patty mixture more thoroughly next time. These were rather chunky and while I appreciate a good chunk, tonight wasn't the night.

I liked having the english muffin to cushion the burger, baby greens, and my yellow obsession.

These probably would have been much better grilled but well, it's been snowing the ENTIRE day, all day long. I'm not about to stand outside and grill in the snow. I'm fine with my lovely pan for frying.

My obsession? This isn't the half of it.

After a couple of bites, I flipped it over and covered the bottom side with mustard too. I've always loved mustard. Always.

Now onto the non-food talk. I Shredded tonight. I tried doing some of the lunges but very, bad idea. My poor knees. I will remember this.

Today I had-
Green tea with mixed berry-only a little
Small black coffee
Fat free Greek yogurt with honey and HBoOs (see the rest of the week)

Leftover turkey quinoa burger
Pineapple, mandarin oranges, whipped strawberry yogurt

Veggie burger
English muffin
Baby greens

All right, I'm tired, the pup has already gone to bed, and I have to get up early in the morning. Ciao!

P.S. I think I may have a small crush on Apolo Ohno. It may be that facial hair...or his composure. He's about to race right's hard to concentrate!
But shhh, don't tell my husband.

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