Friday, February 12, 2010

The Shred Part Two-Day 5

I started this post about two hours ago...I got the title at least.

Anyway, I started feeling more sluggish yesterday and then last night it hit me. One sinus started to burn and then I knew I was done for. I was hoping it was only a cold and not a sinus infection and I think that's what it is (a cold). Regardless, I'm tired, I have no energy, and my sinus cavity now has a mind of its own.

However, I did the Shred tonight. Now that I think this whole thing through I feel like a dork. I actually felt guilty tonight for doing Level 1 again, as opposed to Level 2 as originally scheduled. Really Holly, self-guilt now for working out? What happened to that month ago when I stuck with one level for ten days? Yeesh, apparently in February that doesn't fly in this house.

I was a lot slower and less coordinated tonight during the Shred. And really, me being less coordinated (how can it get any less?!) should have been my first sign. That either means Aunt Flo is on her way or I'm getting sick. Strange? You betcha.

So now, I'm slumped on the couch thinking fondly of my bed upstairs. My hubby called my dad today to ask him to come work with him next week (construction) and it turns out both mom and dad are headed up tomorrow for the weekend too. Super fun I just hope I don't super suck the life out of everyone. I was really looking forward to sleeping in and now I'll have to get up a bit earlier to get the Shred in. 48 days until spring break.

Oh, and get this. My beloved MacBook suffered an injury tonight. I sat down to check my email while making dinner earlier, got up and put the lasagna in the oven, came back and noticed something was awry. The trackpad on my computer is busted! This Mac isn't even a year old (thank you warranties!) so I had to make an appointment with the Mac store--not until Monday (thank you President's Day/Winter Break weekend). I love my MacBook and I'm so sad it's not feeling well.

Okay, on with the menu:

Green tea with mixed berry
Fat free Greek yogurt with honey and granola. Did anyone else notice the switch to fat free? Yoplait just introduced (at least in our market) their version of the fat free Greek yogurt with double protein! That's right, 14 grams of protein in ONE container of yogurt (6 oz?). It's fantastic.

Spicy chicken soup with Great Northern Beans-It gets better as it melds in the fridge.
Lowfat whipped yogurt, key lime

Turkey lasagna! This turned out really well. I didn't realize I was supposed to have two jars of sauce so I really spread the one jar thinly. But it worked out! I only did two layers of noodles also. A friend of mine uses cottage cheese instead of ricotta so I substituted reduced fat cottage cheese tonight, yum. The best part? I used oven ready lasagna noodles (which, by the way, I always thought they all were-I've never precooked the noodles before!) and because of the low amount of sauce the noodles were al dente. Very delish.

Okay ladies and gents. I'm off to bed. Wish me well! Happy Shredding and happy long weekend!

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