Monday, February 22, 2010

Monday Monday, So Good To Me

Yes, that's right. I said Monday was good to me. I believe, if my calculations are correct, this is the fourth week in a row of a now four day work week. Hello third snow day, nice to meet your acquaintance.
This one I was not planning on at all. As a matter of fact, I had snoozed the alarm once and on my way back to bed I had noticed the opalescent glow from behind the curtains and thought, it looks snowy, but not snowy enough. Often times the snow will glow orange when it's a snow day kind of day.

But not today, that gleaming glow was good enough. I had just, and I mean just, laid back in bed for those extra ten minutes of sleep when I heard the soft tones of my phone jingling and vibrating its way across the kitchen counter downstairs. With Christmas morning delight I hopped up and ran downstairs just in time to catch that magical phone call. "Enjoy your day off."

It took me a good hour to come down from that high to where I could finally fall back asleep. Why is it that snow days send that much excitement through you?

Well, when I finally dragged myself out of bed I remembered it was Monday-weigh in day. There's something about getting the scale out that just makes me feel heavy. But that was not to be today. I was really hoping for two pounds although any loss would be better than nothing. So when it read 4 pounds lighter than last week I was ecstatic but in slight disbelief. So much so that I got back on the scale to make sure. Same. Yippee.

Now that's a total of 12.8 pounds (12 1/2...) so far! I just have to keep this up and I'll be down below that 200 (awful awful) mark.

Here's to a productive week! Happy Snowy Monday!

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  1. Awesome, awesome, awesome day!!!

    You just lost 5 lbs last week, right? You are so amazing. It's like your body is finally going "Oh! OK...she's apparently going to keep doing this, so we might as well give up the lbs."