Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Shred Part Two-Day 9

First day of the work week and it's Tuesday. Very nice. I met Jillian for level three tonight. Amazingly I did (or should I say "did"?) the rockstars at the end. The planks on the weights with the leg lift are still very hard for me. So I did some Natalie and the rest Anita. Some day soon I'll rock only Natalie.

So, the amazing thing to me today was Aunt Flo's arrival. How's that amazing? Well, I still lost weight yesterday....that's unheard of when she's in town. Back in my Weight Watchers days (when I was very fastidious about my food journaling and working out) it was a guarantee that I would add on 4 pounds of water weight during that visit. Every. Single. Time. So frustrating. So me actually losing weight this week makes me feel great. I hope I can do the same next week.

I'm already trying to plan Thursday's workout this week. I'm helping out at an after school function that won't get me home until almost 9. This means I will have to eat an early dinner (5ish), to drink lots and lots of water during the night, possibly snag an apple or banana on the way home, then workout in the moonlight.

This weekend when my parents were here I gave my mom some of the turkey lasagna and today she ate it. The review? She loved it and said if I didn't tell her it was turkey she wouldn't have known. (o:

So, what did I eat today?
Green tea with mixed bery
Fat free Greek yogurt, honey, and granola

Leftover chicken, potato, asparagus


Grilled pork chop
Steamed spinach
Leftover potato

One bite of hub's cheesecake--and it was a little bite.

Tomorrow's Wednesday-middle of the week without even trying.

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  1. Girl you are rocking it!! I just started day 7 of the shred today.. I started level two today too.. wondering how heavy your weights are..mine are three pounds, didnt know if I should go up! Still having a hard time snacking on chocolate.. you have inspired me AGAIN.. no more chocolate!