Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Shred Part Two-Day 2

Today was the warm up and lower body sculpt of the LCW and Level 2 of the Shred . I could have ripped the Shred dvd out of the player today though. I just wanted to move swiftly into the Shred from the LCW but no. You have to watch the entire stinkin' introduction before you can get to the menu. You can't select menu. You can't select forward. You can't select skip. Ah-noying.

Anyway, I had a good workout today. I was very sweaty and my heart was a poundin'.

I have to get back in the kitchen though because it's the hubs' birthday today and I'm making him his special meal. Beef Wellington, sauteed new potatoes, and green beans. Although, it was supposed to be steamed spinach but the spinach had turned. So sad.

Anyway, my menu-

Green tea with mixed berry
Fat free Greek yogurt with honey and granola

Leftover enchilada. I DID NOT eat all the pizza and desserts that were in the lounge today, woohoo!
Mixed fruit

Happy Shredding Gals!

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