Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Shred Part Two-Day 16

Level 2 Shred tonight. I was way not as motivated as normal. Long day...had an after school meeting until 6 which of course wasn't really 6 when I left but 6:30. Got home, spent a bit of time with the hubs and pup and by the time I Shredded it was 7:30. Oh well.

Today I ate:
Green tea with mixed berry
Fat free Greek yogurt with honey and Post Honey Bunches of Oats with Pecan Clusters


Quinoa burger with mustard
Steamed spinach

3 Strawberries
1 apple

Chili (made by the hubs-so nice!)
2 bites of a brownie
1 bite of a square cookie

Both the sweets were from the Market my students held today. I really wanted to try them so I did. And I took little bites. The brownie was de-lish and the cookie was okay...but I ate that bite after the brownie so it didn't seem so spectacular.

I'm typing in bed because my day was that late. The hubs is waiting for me to stop typing. It surely is noisy when that's the only noise in the room.
Good night!

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