Saturday, February 20, 2010

Sleepless Nights

This is one department where I am very lucky. I don't often have sleepless nights but the hubs, he's just the opposite. More often than not he'll wake during the night and once he's up, that's it. He'll toss and turn until he's frustrated. When this happens he tends to take solace in our couch.

Really, this couch should have a name because we seriously spent months couch shopping before we finally committed to this one. Can I lay on it stretched completely out? Can we both fit on it laying down? Does it have good back support? Is the fabric what we like? And on and on it went.

So, needless to say, we love our couch. When we first got our puppy she wasn't allowed on this couch. It drove her mad. But we've since relented because we're suckers and love to snuggle with her.

Which brings me to last night's sleepless night for the hubs. I heard him get up once but I could have sworn he came back to bed. It wasn't until the puppy was nosing at my face this morning did I realize he wasn't there. Insert sad face.

When I finally rolled out of bed, oh it was around 8, I came downstairs to find this.

I think she may even be mimicking his body language. Aren't they sweet? Happy Saturday.

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