Monday, January 11, 2010

Eating out of Politeness

The lovely Steph said something to me tonight that resonated very deeply. The problem with this is I used to never have the willpower she refers to in her comment to me.

Why is it we women eat of out politeness? I'm certainly not doing myself any favors. Yes, your cheesecake/pound (um, key word there) cake/pie/brownie/strudel extravaganza looks lovely, but you see, I don't NEED to eat it. I ate a very well-rounded lunch that left me full. So thank you very much, I think I shall pass this time. And don't even get upset with me because next week you're going to be in my shoes saying someone else's sweets looks lovely but you're watching your figure.

And what makes it worse is the schpeel we have at the ready to rationalize our taking of the treat. "I know I shouldn't...but it looked good/I've had a rough day/didn't sleep...yadda yadda." And it should be "I know I shouldn't BUTT." This is how I ended up in the situation I'm in!

Maybe next time there's a treat day I shall take a plate, pile it high with goodies to return back to my room and dump it in the trash. No crap for anyone!

So you, treat maker, get your over-sweetened, dripping with butter, convection confection away from me before I go mental.


  1. Haa Haa this was a great post! Seriously...why do we feel like we need to eat something someone brought in to be polite and nice? Great post! Thanks for the laugh!

  2. Where's the LIKE button?! LOL I love this post!!