Monday, January 18, 2010

The Shred-Day Fifteen

Halfway there! Super sweet.

So, despite this morning's disappointments I'm persevering. I did level 2 this afternoon after a day of shopping (of the grocery and deal-getting sort) and then as soon as I finished I took the pup for a walk. Why I don't do that every day, I'm not sure. I might try to make that my new resolution.

Again, things are getting more doable. I'm not doing the double jump ropes-sorry-just plain jump ropes. Today I had a harder time with balance, strange. No big deal though.

In six more days I'll be transitioning to level 3. That seems incredible. I certainly hope I start seeing more results soon.


Low fat Greek yogurt with honey and a little bit of granola--that's all that was left.

See all this blank space? That's me, not eating.
I hadn't planned on being out too long today, an hour or two tops. Turned into 6 hours! I did take an apple with me but by the time I remembered that, I had bought a spicy tuna roll from one of our grocery stores (make it fresh right then and there). I shoved half in my mouth en route to the next store.

1/2 spicy tuna roll

other 1/2 spicy tuna roll (4 hours later-post workout)

For dinner we're having hamburgers except (and hubby didn't want me to mention this--I think it's creative!) they're on hot dog buns, because that's what we have, so they're shaped like rectangles.
Green beans
Baked french fries--I'm keeping these to a minimum

I might try to throw in a grapefruit later too. Happy Monday!

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  1. I am not going to be ready for level 3! Of course, I said I wasn't going to be ready for level 2 either...LOL.

    Can't fault you for the cake balls - I love them. I made them for the first time in October and now everyone thinks I'm talented out the wazoo.