Saturday, January 16, 2010

A Love Affair with Waffles

Upon our engagement, we received a life-changing gift. Of course we didn't know that at the time. Back then it was simply a waffle maker. Well, that's not exactly true. We received a *real* waffle maker--you know, the one you rotate 180 degrees--beeps when it's done--comes out perfectly every time...

Since receiving that amazing gift I'm sure the hubs and I have put on 20 pounds. This thing is amazing. When company comes over, we make waffles. When we do brunch with friends, we make waffles. They're even requested from us because they're that good.

Hubby, usually the weekend late sleeper, will often roll over after just waking and mumble, "Waffle?"

So, today--me 12 days into the Shred--hubby of course asks for a waffle. Let me just sum this up for you. The waffle alone has 200 cals and 13 grams of fat. Then add butter, 11 grams of fat per Tbs (and a bazillion calories), and finally the syrup. No fat but another 200 calories. Can you see now why when he said, "Waffle," I dreaded making them?

But make them I did. He got the straight-up regular waffle. But I modified my butter and syrup concoction. I used Smart Balance 'butter' on mine and less syrup. Then, halfway into the waffle I grew bored and full. Strangely, I did eat two or three more bites, but left one entire wedge and part of another one behind.

Now, is it because the Smart Balance tastes nothing like butter and really disappointed my taste buds or is my stomach finally adjusting to different food and different amounts?

Either way, I'm glad. Let's hope it stays with me.

Now, I just need to find some healthy foods that will keep me fuller longer. Any suggestions?

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  1. For breakfast: oatmeal. I love eating oatmeal: I never need to snack and in the winter it is all nice and warm. And pack on the raw veggies. Nothing fills me up like carrot sticks. Hard to overeat apple slices and carrot sticks. I also like a handful of almonds in the afternoon. Add some raisins and you won't have such a hard time during those late days when you have after-school stuff. Sorry you missed the turn yesterday :(. Keep up the good work!