Sunday, January 24, 2010

The Shred-Day Twenty One

Level 3, yes-sirree. I can't wait until I'm a few days in and not feeling like a complete idiot. I tried doing mostly Natalie moves but absolutely could not do the rockstars or the final abs move anyway other than Anita style. I have a positive outlook about this level though. I like the different moves so I'm hoping it's going to go well.

One thing I didn't like is there is so much bouncing around that everything in the room I was in was rattling. Not doing too much for the self-confidence with hubby in the next room watching tv quietly. I'm going to just have to suck it up though because both Monday and Tuesday I have after school meetings which means it's way likely the hubs will be home before me.

The pups got her daily walk again. So far so good-being consistent anyway and she's loving it!

Oh, so one good thing today. The hubs said he's starting to tell a difference. He said I'm starting to look like I'm slimming down. I certainly hope so! Tomorrow morning is/are (how should I say that?) weights and measures...don't make me cry on a Monday morning. Although, after the menu today I shouldn't get my hopes up too high.


Green tea with mixed berry
1/2 a waffle with butter and syrup


Chipotle chicken nachos from Houlihan's. I went with these for a couple of reasons. One, I love them and the hubs loves them so we usually both munch on them. Two, they were included in their happy hour special--all apps for $6.00. However, I thought about doing two healthier apps but then it became a price thing. Yes, I could have had one of the healthier apps (tuna wontons or lettuce wraps) but there is no way just one would have been enough.

But here's the thing, I'm paying for eating them. For the second night in a row my body is telling me bad choice. Why do the things that taste so good do such bad things for you? TMI but I even regurgitated this evening...not good. So what is this all telling me? Eat at home.

I'm excited about tomorrow's snack! I made a fruit salad with kiwi, red pear, apple, and mandarin oranges. I wanted to add bananas but our store was OUT. How does that happen? Is it just my store? They weren't even on sale.

Happy week ahead ladies. Keep up the great Shredding!

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