Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Shred-Day Sixteen

It seems like at this point in both levels one and two I've had less to say. The workouts are manageable, I'm watching what I eat, drinking lots of water, ya know.

I'd like to think that there are only 14 days left of the first round of the Shred. I'm wondering what to do next month? Redo the Shred or do another video? Anyone have suggestions? I'm worried about getting bored with the Shred, round two.

Here's the menu from today-the day that felt like Monday but was actually Tuesday:

Green Tea with mixed berry
Low fat Greek yogurt with granola nut clusters and honey

Rectangular hamburger patty (heh heh) with cheese
Green beans
Cottage cheese with strawberries (not together, I don't play that way)

3 granola nut clusters (they're the size of quarters)

Chicken Parmesan-chicken breasts coated in panko, sauce with onions and spinach, regular and whole wheat spaghetti

And now, I'm watching Jillian kick Green Girl's butt!!! What a stubborn girl!

1 comment:

  1. You are doing so awesome! Day #16? That is great! How are you feeling with the results so far? I have been off for a week being sick but am back now. I scrolled down and saw your pictures and I totally notice a difference!! You are looking a lot tighter!! And congrats on the 2.8 weight loss!