Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Shred-Day Twenty Seven

I bring you this broadcast tonight direct from the comfort of my bed. I realize I'm a day past my deadline, but believe you me, I did Shred on Saturday.

As I mentioned previously my parents came up this weekend. They're currently on their way to sleepy land downstairs. I got up around 8:30, which is a huge sleep in for me, and Shredded. I'm definitely an evening workout girl. I have always been. But today went okay. I had to be extra quiet because the hubs was still sleeping in from his gig the night before.

I have nothing life shattering to report at day 27--which I thought for sure was day 26. Yeesh.

We did go out to dinner tonight to that place I referenced earlier also. Man oh man, talk about killing the excitement with expectations. Let me just say, I'm picky and have high standards. And when I am paying for a meal that triples my weekly budget, you bet I want things a certain way.
Our waiter was arrogant and aloof. I sat for 15 minutes with an empty water glass and a partially full pomegranate martini glass-because it was way too strong and tasted nothing of pomegranate. That's where this all began, he tried to tell me I needed a drink. When my mom and I decided we would try ONE I meant one. Instead we each got one at $8.00 a pop. Neither of us finished our drinks. Then when I ordered dinner he again tried to TELL me what salad dressing I wanted on my salad. And when I ordered a different one, he questioned me-no, he told me I was getting the house. This one I didn't let go-I ordered another one. But sadly, I barely at the salad because it was soaked in dressing. Mental note: order dressing on the side. My steak was okay. It was cooked well, medium rare, but I feel it should have been seasoned. And it was a filet...I was oh so sad. The garlic mashed potatoes that came with it had a fake garlic (or garlic overkill) taste to them. I took the equivalent of one bite of those and let them be. So argh. I'm totally pissed at that waiter. Thanks for ruining my dinner jackhead.

How'd the rest of my dining day go?

Green tea with mixed berry
Breakfast burrito

Everything Bagel (Panera) with cream cheese. Did you know there are 18 grams of fat in a one serving cream cheese from there?!?! I used less than half.

6 oz filet
3 bites of Italian dressing drenched salad
1 bite garlic mashed
3/4 pomegranate martini

I'm exhausted...

Happy Sunday Shredding!

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