Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Shred-Day Fourteen

Wow, I can't believe I just typed fourteen. That seems incredible. I've stuck with something two weeks. And can I just say, I should listen to myself (and others) more often. It is getting easier. Well, easier may not be the word but more doable. I'm doing all the plank moves--mostly if not all Anita style--with the exception of the final abs move.

I have learned that to be able to do those plank push ups I really need to stretch my legs out in the beginning. Also, I really have to do the toe-touch Jillian says (I know weird, listening...) to be able to keep my knees straight for the full extension.

We'll get to the menu in a second but first I have to get this off my chest. Forgive me friends for I have sinned. I made cake balls for our Writer's Celebration on Tuesday. Hubby ate a couple small pieces of cake with frosting pre cake ball and then also had 5 or 6 cake balls. You see how I did that? I talked about how many he had because it's a big number compared to what I'm about to say about me...I had 2 cake balls pre chocolate coating. They were good. Really, really, good. Then for dessert tonight I had one cake ball with the chocolate coating. Not as good.

The bad thing is I'm currently making the second round of cake balls because the first recipe wasn't enough. Let's see if I can stay strong. I may eat one. But just one. And really, it's the FIRST sweet I've had since January 4. That's pretty impressive for me.


Green tea with mixed berry
French toast--with Portuguese sweet bread, done salty (no cinnamon or syrup)

2 cake balls, no chocolate
Tortilla chips with melted cheese

Chicken Saltimbocca amazing!
Steamed fresh spinach
Mashed potatoes
1 cake ball with chocolate

Monday starts our new week. Annnd tomorrow is the weigh in/measurements. I'm worried about this one. My dear aunt still hasn't shown up although all the signs have been there for over a week--unfortunately bloating. I know that when you start working out it often puts you off schedule. I'm just hoping I still see results despite her arrival.


  1. You are doing awesome!!! I can't wait to get to level 2!! I took a few day break because I got sick then the kids got the stomach bug but I am back in the game. Yummmy...cake balls sound sooo good. I would probably eat them all. Are they just like cake balls on a stick thing?

  2. Thanks Andrea.

    Yeah, basically. You make a cake then mix in a container of frosting...till it's all one mix. Then form them into balls. Yum-oh!

  3. Those cake balls are delish! I think it's ok to cheat every once in awhile. ;) I'm going to be starting the shred soon.