Friday, January 22, 2010

The Shred-Day Nineteen

Yes, it is 9:50 pm right now and yes I did just finish my workout. I do certainly feel as though I may yack at any moment. And have I learned a lesson? Surely.

Okay okay, so it's no longer 9:50, rather it's 10:10. You see, there was this pathetic-faced pup doe-eying me in the background. I think she can read. No really, this dog is freakishly smart. So I think she knows I said I wanted to walk her every night. But she missed the fine print of *when it's not past 8 pm. Oh well, it was a nice walk and it actually feels like it's warming up outside. And by warming up I mean into the low 30s.

So my mistake? A little establishment known as Cancun. Dang, we love their food. And we haven't been in a while. Actually, we were there December 30th with friends but it seems like it's been forever. My poison? Tacos de carne asada, sin frijoles, con arroz con queso. Muy bien! Then you pile on all the chips and salsa I ate and it makes for one pre-workout stomach ache!

You know that feeling when you've swallowed too much food and it aches going down your throat? Yep, that but in my gut. What's the deal? I did not clean my plate and in fact I only ate two tacos. And these are 6" diameter tacos...with cuts of steak...and pico...oh and some rice...and HOT sauce! I actually think of all the dishes on the menu, it has to be one of the healthier pics. Wouldn't you think? I even resisted the margarita tonight. I told hubs, had it be post workout I so would have gotten one.

So, it's Friday-hip hip! Hubs has TWO gigs tomorrow. One on the east side of the state, an outdoor thing. Did you notice earlier I said it's warming into the low 30's? And then another one at a local bar. I told him it might be fun to tag along tomorrow to the outdoor gig. I'm kind of regretting that decision. My whole day will be gone, I will have to Shred at night instead of early afternoon (like I do on weekends), and no cleaning will get done. I may redact later.

Today also happens to be my dad's birthday! Happy birthday Pops! Guess what he had for his birthday dinner? An omelet! Both him and my mom had to work late today so they're headed out on the town tomorrow--and to one of my favorite restaurants, so jealous.

My menu-

Low fat Greek yogurt with Cornflakes (Touch of Honey)
Green tea with mixed berry

Cottage cheese with peaches (blech, they were so tinny and gross)

Leftover scalloped potatoes


Tacos de carne asada!
Chips and salsa

One more day of level 2 and then on to level 3. This can be done and I can do it!

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