Friday, January 29, 2010

The Shred-Day Twenty Six

I'm eating as I type tonight. And the puppy is staring me down. I got brave and decided to make my own sushi, thanks to Jen. I must say, it's not the same without the tuna. But it's not bad.

Okay, so on to business. Day 26 behind me now! I can't believe I've come this far. I know I have a far journey ahead of me but man, it feels good.

I have to do some major cleaning and arranging tonight before my parents get here tomorrow. With John being sick I really got behind on things.

The Shred went okay today. I'm struggling to get through the sumo squat things and the jump squats without keeling over. However, I'm not Anita-stylin' those, hello Natalie. I think the next thirty days through will be interesting. Will I find those other levels just as hard or easier?

Menu today-
Can I just interject, there were Friendship Bread and bagels in the lounge today. I didn't even give them a second glance. Dang, I so used to be that girl. "I'll just eat one," and now look at me! No more.

Green tea with mixed berry
Low fat Greek yogurt with granola nut bites and honey

Chicken noodle soup
Mixed fruit (yum yum yum)

Mixed fruit (I stayed after to get all my stuff ready for next week-I needed to tide myself over)

Sushi! Rice, cucumber, avocado, cream cheese, ginger. Although, I'm not doing too much damage to it. I think I've had 5 pieces, maybe 4 (I gave one to the pup) and I'm about stuffed!
I may have some mixed fruit later after I get to cleaning.

We made it to Friday now it's time to relax a little and enjoy the weekend.
Happy weekend Shredding everyone!!!

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