Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The Shred-Day Ten

Wow, one third the way through!

I didn't struggle as much tonight as I did last night but man, it still seemed like such a chore. Melanie, in the forum, said something to the effect of being bored with Level 1-I think that's my problem also. However, I'm not necessarily looking forward to the pain that Level 2 is going to bring me.

I downloaded some new tunes tonight and that helped. However, the mix wasn't long enough to outlast the video. That's on my weekend to-do list.

Did I say this yesterday? Someone else was talking about it taking 21 days to make or break a habit. I'm almost half way there.

So, tomorrow, Level 2. We can do this ladies!!! You all rock for hanging in there.

Need some motivation? Can you imagine stopping now then having to do the first ten days all over again?!

I should just say, "See Mon/Tues/Wed..."

Green Tea with mixed berry
Low Fat Yogurt with granola and honey

Leftover taco meat and cheese with an avocado (salt, lemon, grapeseed oil)


This is terrible--->chips and guac! (same avocado mix) Although, I didn't eat the whole thing, hubby and I shared and we put some hot sauce on each chip.

I might have a grapefruit or kiwi though.

**Post edit-what did I choose? Grapefruit? No. Kiwi? No. Bowl of Rice Krispies? Yes.

Have a great Thursday everyone!


  1. Just as Jackie said You're awesome!! I'm surprisingly not very sore after doing Level 2 yesterday. Just a tad sore but at least I'm not having trouble sitting down and getting up off the potty today. =) Keep up the great work!!