Friday, January 15, 2010

The Shred-Day Twelve

You know that scene in Pretty Woman? The one where Vivian goes back to Rodeo Drive to throw her new-found wealth in the face of the elitist clerks?

"Big mistake. BIG mistake!"

That's how I feel tonight--about eating those wings! Ugh, yuck. Talk about coming back to haunt you. This is nearly enough to put me off wings for a very long while (which would make hubby very upset-but he's the one who took his sister to sushi and got sick that night and no longer eats it. I'd say we're even!)

But I did it. The Shred. It's now 9:15 and I wanted nothing more than to snuggle with my puppy-who's now throwing her tug at me to play-and my hubby on our comfortable couch.

In hindsight, good decision on my part to work out. One, because well, you know. It's just good for you. Two, because I'm so close to that 21 day make/break a habit mark. Three, I'm inching closer to 30 days of a Shred. Four, hubby got an emergency phone call from a customer about 7 minutes into my workout. Leaking tub/toilet (it's hard to hear over Jillian and my music) through the floor, into the ceiling below, and all over the customer's office electronics!

Being the good husband he left immediately to help remedy the problem. What a guy! Oh, and he's not one of those contractors who will charge overtime/nights/weekends. He does it because he knows it's the right thing to do and it builds better customer-client relationships.

Okay, back to the Shred. Again, there was stopping tonight. Not as much as last night, but still stopping. I took Jackie's advice and did not do the plank move where you jump forward and backward--I don't need any injuries. And although I know it's not the same in workout merit, I did jump rope instead. Maybe next time I'll add weights for a bit tougher substitution.

Today was a tough day. Let me just start that way. I took a personal day from my job to go present at another school. It's a newer gig I'm into. I enjoy the time to talk to others who are usually quite interested in writing and teaching writing effectively-like I am.

I left at 7 am for a destination I needed to be at by 8:30 (well, pres started at that time). This journey should have only taken me 45 minutes. But as I got further and later into my drive I got really worried. I had missed a turn! Needless to say my commute took an hour and half.

If you know me, you know I'm an early person. Not an early riser but if I need to be somewhere by 8, I'm there at 7-7:30. That's just how I work.

**Post edit. Can I just say, as I left the school and went the way the secretary had suggested. As I turned off of M-44 onto M-66 (exactly what was supposed to happen in the morning) I looked and there was NO sign stating that that road was M-44. So really, it wasn't for lack of trying. I wonder if the sign was the victim of winter driving?

So today started out terribly but took a turn for the better. The teachers I worked with were great. However, I did have the usual, "I'm a math teacher," who's angry for having to sit through my presentation. Ugh, thanks for the 3s ladies. Oh well. I did get one cute comment..."You rock, out loud! Thanks!"

Isn't that sweet?

Anyway, on to the disgusting menu:

Green tea with mixed berry
Low fat Greek yogurt, granola, honey

Chicken enchilada (the secretary from the school I was at made everyone lunch! The enchilada was de-lish!)
Spanish rice


5 wings
Too many 'buffalo chips' for my comfort.
See there was a fiasco with our wings tonight. We got the wrong order...TWICE!!! So, I'm starvation city and there are buffalo chips in front of me. What did I do? I mowed them down! So, I swear them off for a long time.

I'm chewing a piece of gum right now to cover up the nasty taste ensuing out of my esophagus. Blech eh?

I hope everyone else's nights are going swimmingly! Stay strong gals! I leave you with one of the songs on my mix:

"Don't stop movin'. Can you feel the music? DJs got us going around and around.
Don't stop movin'. Find your own way to it. Listen to the music, taking you to places that you've never been before baby now!"

Thank you S Club 7.

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  1. keep on pressing girl! you rocking! is your body feeling difference