Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Shred-Day Eighteen

Today took a little more motivation and I'm not sure why. But I did it and I've even eaten dinner by 7:30! When I got home from work I started dinner, put it in the oven, did the Shred, and then dined with my hubby.

I told hubby tonight that there were 29 people following me on my blog. And that I only personally knew 2 of them. So 27 people I don't know like to hear what I have to say. Hubby says they just want a good laugh. He thinks he's soooo funny sometimes. Regardless of what he says, I'm flattered. Thanks for tuning in, cheering me on, and giving me something other than the vast internet to write to!

Two more days until Level 3. I did hear there are more planks in Level 3. They have been okay for me so far, mainly because I do them Anita style. I tried Natalie style and almost folded in knee pain.

I also said to the hubs that the only place I'm really noticing a difference is in my arms. Hey, I'm not complaining...anything but! I would be so grateful if I could wear sleeveless clothes again. Heck, maybe even halter or strapless! But I'd really like the whole package. (o;

Today's menu:

no surprise here--Low fat Greek yogurt with granola bites and honey
Green tea with mixed berry

Cottage cheese with strawberry

Leftover chicken parm-more chicken less pasta

3 granola bites

Scalloped potatoes with prosciutto

Let me tell you the story behind all the prosciutto. I mean, have you noticed the theme lately? For dinner on Sunday the menu called for chicken and prosciutto and my SIL offered to pick it up at the grocery store since she was shopping anyway.

Would I say no? Nope!

When she arrived she had purchased an ENTIRE pound of prosciutto! That's right, almost twelve dollars of deli meat! So you better believe your britches I'm not letting that go to waste.

Have a great Friday everyone!


  1. I could watch your daily mugshot

    Tell your're a rockstar!

  2. Ask your hubs how many followers HE has!?! LOL! I really enjoy your take on things!

  3. Guess I better get back to the Shred now that I am on the mend. I really could use the help on my arms!