Saturday, January 16, 2010

The Shred-Day Thirteen

It took a lot of motivation, crabiness suppression, and starvation to get me going today. There was this morning's waffle episode and I think it sucked all the strength out of me. It seemed as though every time I got motivated to get moving hubby would come back home. Now, this normally isn't an issue but I was really looking forward to cranking the music up. Oh, and there's the issue that it was actually light out and then someone could therefore SEE me working out. Um, no thanks.

But I finally did it. Still a struggle but I did all of the moves on the dvd with the exception of the final abs thing. After yesterday I noticed back pain--which probably means I'm not doing it correctly--and today as I started them I realized this was the culprit.

Now, before you think I'm a total slacker I did substitute those for the bicycle crunches, that I loathe!!! Now that's dedication.

The menu so far:

3/4 of a waffle, almost 3/4. Syrup and Smart Balance
Green tea with mixed berry
A kiwi

Breakfast burrito-one egg, 1/2 a link of spicy turkey sausage, cheese, avocado.
A generous handful of chips to scoop up the remainder of the avocado plus some hot sauce.

Not sure what to do about dinner. Any suggestions? We have tons of spinach...

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