Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Shred-Day Three

Today I felt like swearing. Let me just start with:

My legs were quite sore today and I decided to wear my knee-high boots (hey, it was for the outfit!) which ended up killing my feet. I
needed to run to the store to pick up some tortillas and Greek yogurt. Now, if your store is anything like my store, both of those items are at the BACK of the store.

I hoofed it back, practically dragging my heels, to find the tortilla section picked over with only one brand remaining. Also, if your husband is like mine, he's particular about his tortilla.
"I only like the flour ones. And they have to be thin, but not too thin..."

And the tortillas that remained standing were not "just right".

So, my little basket and I scraped our way to the yogurt section to see it was in the same state of despair as it was Sunday night when I was last there. Tsk Tsk, Meijer. How I love you so. You have supremely disappointed me today.

Having all these factors adding up and multiplying in my head I swooped around, slammed my basket on a grocer's dolly and left the store, got in my car, honked angrily at a lady who pulled out in front of me (I rarely do this), and I drove across the street to the competing grocery store where I purchased perfect tortillas (50 cents less expensive) and Greek yogurt (on sale for a buck a pop!).

*,* That's me sticking out my tongue.

On to the Shred. I was really having a tough time getting going today. I kept thinking about all the 'difficult' parts and how sucky it was going to be but I pulled on my yoga pants and laced up my tennies.

And to my own surprise, it wasn't half bad. I know other people in the forum had said it gets easier and even Jillian mentions how you gain a better endurance and by Jove! it's true.
I made the faux jump rope my bit--now wait a minute, I wouldn't swear on here (but I did in my head). I pushed through more things today than I did yesterday.

Granted, I did still stop a few times, but I made sure it was five seconds or less. I'm getting the hang of this thing, whoopee!

On a side note--dear darling husband says to me tonight, "I've lost some weight too. Usually I'm at 190-195 and this morning I was at 185."

Can you feel the daggers I stared at him? If I weighed that now...holy shamoley!

Menu du jour:
Can I just say, I was starving this morning. STARVING. I was so hungry I felt nauseous. Am I not eating enough?

Green tea with cherry and pomegranate
Fat free Greek yogurt, granola, honey

Green tea with cherry and pomegranate

Green banana

1/4 roast beef sandwich-leftovers--and it was still oh so good
Romaine and spinach salad with leftover pork chop and balsamic vin.
3 pieces of grapefruit

Chicken fajitas (tortilla, chicken, cheese, spinach, rice)
New Jell-o mousse for dessert
(neither eaten yet, but I'm just moments away...)

Have a great night everyone--and fellow Shredders, rock on-you can do it!!!


  1. Stopping over from Mckmama's place! I am currently doing the Shred as well! I'm on day's really tough, but i love it! good luck!

  2. Sounds like you are doing great! I'm still having issues with getting my feet up off of the ground but it's definitely starting to get a tad bit easier for me. Of course, today is only Day 2 for me.

  3. I had a good laugh at your day...sorry...not laughing at you...but laughing b/c I can totally Glad you still got your Shred in. Sounds like your breakfast might be a little too light which may be why you are still hungry. Maybe try adding some protien like egg whites?

  4. You're doing a great job! I agree, day three was, overall, better. But still painful. But the only part I had to stop during was those wretched jump roping parts. Otherwise, I did a pretty good job. Kudos to you!

    Oh yea, and my husband can lose weight so easily too. Drives me batty.