Thursday, January 7, 2010

The Shred-Day Four

When I started the video today, I got to thinking. Could I do the whole workout through without stopping? I was sure going to try.

Sadly, today was not the day for this. However, I only stopped twice today and it was near the beginning--the first sets of jumping jacks and jump rope. Maybe tomorrow I can can go non-stop.

I'm also considering using the five pound weights for some of the strength stuff. I've been using the three pound weights so far, so maybe if I rotate to the weights I'll get a little more out of that part of the workout.

Again, today, it wasn't as bad as it was on day one or two. I don't dislike Jillian so much anymore--I say that now, but what I've heard from other girls about the second workout I don't think it will last long!

I got home earlier today than originally planned because of our snowfall. It started snowing around 10 am and continued all day long. So I scooted shortly after the bell, scraped off my car--as soon as I wiped, it got covered almost immediately, and just about crawled home.

The bright side of this story is not only was I home earlier and therefore could workout and eat earlier but hubby, who got home about 20 minutes prior to me, took the lead and prepared dinner-mainly. It was certainly nice!

Which brings us to my menu today:

Green tea with cherry and pomegranate

Fat free Greek yogurt, granola, honey
Green tea with cherry and pomegranate

Carrot sticks (I wasn't very hungry at snack time but thought if I didn't eat then, I'd be ravenous by lunch--HA! As soon as I ate the carrots I was starving)

Leftover chicken, leftover rice, cheese, avocado, spinach mix.
One half of a pink grapefruit

Beef hard shell tacos with cheese and avocado--which were delicious, so delicious I ate three, oops. But I have to say, I stopped between each one to make sure I was still hungry, not just eating.
One pink grapefruit.

I like to eat my grapefruit kind of like an orange but I pull all the white stuff (what is that called?) off and eat only the juicy fruit. I'm slightly obsessed. But tonight as I
indulged in my grapefruit hubby was raiding our sweets and chocolate items--and I didn't even want a crumb!


  1. Way to go!! I was arguing with myself over chocolate swirl ice cream this evening but I refrained. I ate an apple instead. I was thinking about getting some grapefruit. I haven't had any in years. Our snow started falling around the same time today. The roads have been horrible.

  2. Fantastic! You are an inspiration with your will-power! Doesn't that feel great to not even WANT to indulge? Go you!!!! Woohoo!

  3. Stopping by from My Charming Kids! Thanks for replying to my comment! I've never done bacon in the oven before...but we aren't eating much bacon around here lately {it isn't very diet friendly}. I am impressed with you menu. It sounds yummy and good for you! Three tacos isn't that bad...I did Weight Watchers for a while and I would eat three tacos and it still fit into my points just fine:)