Saturday, January 9, 2010

Sad Saturday Menu

Two breakfast tacos (hubby said I couldn't call them burritos because they were so small)
Green Tea with Cherry and Pomegranate
Orange juice

Peanut butter and strawberry jelly sandwich

Potato chips
Pepsi-caffeine free

Jell-O Mousse
Bowl of chocolate chip ice cream

What? What's that you say? That's awful? I just threw my whole week away in a hand basket?!

Well, my dear friends-do you not trust me? That was what HUBBY ate today!

I, on the other hand, had:

2 breakfast tacos

Green tea with cherry and pomegranate

Two and a half pieces of Portuguese sweet bread-toasted with butter (About half the size of sandwich bread)
One whole grapefruit

Low fat Greek yogurt with Corn Flakes mixed in.

See, you can trust me even though it's Saturday. See you after t
he Shred!


  1. Good Job that couldn't have been easy. It is so hard not to eat when my husbands eats. He can eat whatever juck he wants and never put on weight. In fact while I was pregnant he started playing hockey and LOST 20 lbs. How fair is that. It's not easy being a woman.