Sunday, January 10, 2010

The Shred-Day Seven

The tale of two hot dogs.

It all started when hubby got up at a normal time. This never happens after a gig. I was totally banking on him sleeping until 11 or so and with my spare time I would work out, go to the grocery store, and then be back to make breakfast. But no. He got up at 9:00...shortly after me and wanted food then. So, I made us both toast--this was my breakfast and his appetizer. I hoped then to work out and go to the store. Nope. Instead, I went to the store and wanted to work out. Guess what? "What's for lunch?"

Luckily--not for my weight loss--I had purchased hot dogs today. Why would I buy those at 14 grams a fat per dog?! They were free! Meijer was doing lots of 10 for 10 sales and then I had a coupon. So free fat. Anyway, I stuck two dogs in boiling water, cut up some pickles and onions, and prepared to Shred day 7.

I DID NOT STOP. Although, when doing those torturous jumping jacks I did switch the weight from one leg to another just to keep going. But better than yesterday!

I continued with the five pound weights the same as yesterday. It makes those side lunges a bit more bearable (sp?) with the lighter weights.

So, onto the hot dog story. I decided I also wanted two hot dogs for lunch and figured since it was right after the work out (did you know the first 20 minutes after a workout are the best time to eat?!) it wouldn't be so bad, combined with my really light breakfast.

Yep, I was totally trying to rationalize it to myself. Anyway, I warmed the buns, put pickles and onions on the bottom, then finally plopped the hot dog onto the bun and topped them off with a heap of mustard and a stripe of ketchup.

We rarely have or use paper plates but had some left over from Thanksgiving so today was a good day to break one out. Yes, one. I reused hubby's plate. Anyway, I sat down next to the hubs on the couch and began to eat the first hot dog. About three bites in, the dog made a lunge for my lunch and I jerked the plate away causing the second hot dog to over turn, mustard and ketchup side down.

**insert angry face.

I think it was the world's way of telling me not to eat the second hot dog. I shared this speculation with the hubs, to which he took a hubby sized bite, and ate about half, and gave the rest to the pups. So, I'm getting only 20 grams of fat instead of 28. Ugh, isn't that insane?!

For dinner, the SIL and our nephew are coming over. We're having Paprika Chicken from this lovely blog. (apparently you have to hover over "lovely blog" to see the link, strange) My personal changes are that I am using green onions, am not using peppers (neither of us can stomach cooked peppers), and low fat sour cream. I wanted to serve it over quinoa or couscous, but hubby requested rice, so brown rice it will be.

Today's menu in one place:
Two slices of Portuguese Sweet Bread, toasted and buttered

Two (almost two!) hot dogs with pickles, onions, mustard, and ketchup

Low fat Greek yogurt with honey and Corn Flakes
Green tea with mixed berry

Go day 7!!! Like Jackie said, 23 days to go!

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