Monday, January 18, 2010

The Shred-Week Two Results

I'm incredibly disappointed. What am I doing wrong? I have done the Shred EVERY day. I'm not eating candy, desserts (with the exception of yesterday's cake balls), I'm eating more greens and fruits...Dang. This stings.

Even some of my measurements are up. Argh! But I am going to compare this week's measurements with week one. Because really, that would super suck to see NO progress.

Week 1- 43"
Week 3- 42 1/4

Week 1- 41 1/2"
Week 3- 37"

Week 1- Right-30 1/2" Left-30 1/2"
Week 3- Right-29 3/4" Left-30"

Week 1- Right- 18 1/4" Left- 18 1/4"
Week 3- Right 18 1/2" Left 18 1/2"
(well that stinks)

Week 1- Right- 14 1/2" Left- 14 1/4"
Week 3- Right- 14 1/2" Left- 14"
(so 1/4 transferred from the left to the right?)

All together- minus 6 1/4"

Okay, so there was progress from week two to week three. One more inch gone. And I think it was from the waist.
Maybe I'm not measuring correctly? Doing the same spots? Ergh...who knows?
Oh, and to top it all off...I'm up 1.2 lbs from week 2. Or, should my optimistic self say I'm down 1.4 from week one.

**Post Edit**
In what I can only say a bizarre turn of events...I just weighed myself, at 5:20 pm. I'm now back down .2 lbs from week two...for an overall loss of 2.8. How on earth did that happen?

I have no idea why it looks like I'm shrinking...the zoom???


  1. I see it! I see it! You have TOTALLY tightened up from week one!!!

    Don't worry so much about pounds. You are losing inches and that's AWESOME!!

  2. You are ABSOLUTELY changing shape! Look at those pictures! Look at your tummy both from the front and side...the change from week 1 to 3 is amazing!!!

    I'm not having big changes in my numbers either...but if my body changes like yours is, I will be thrilled!!!

  3. Wow! What a big difference! You look great!

  4. Are you Kidding me??? take some time to look at your before and after- I can see your body tightening up BIG time.. While i did the shred i NEVER went byt the measurements or scale- but rather how i look and felt!!!

    Your rocking it!!! totally working for you :)

  5. Don't be disappointed I can totally see a difference. I noticed a much bigger difference in myself in level 1. Level 2 I have also gained weight but I haven't done measurements yet.

  6. I wouldnt worry about the weight girl.. muscle weighs more than fat. So the truth is you are prob gaining muscle mass but losing inches. I can see a difference in your pics!! Keep up the good work! I started the shred last week and forgot to measure! Thats awesome is working for you.. keep it up

  7. You are shrinking! You look fabulous. Like our moms and gym teachers always told us, muscle weighs more than fat. Keep it up!

  8. Wow I can really see a difference. Keep it up, you may just inspire me to try this next month! :0)