Friday, January 8, 2010

The Shred-Day Five, a little early!

Snow day, snow day, SNOW DAY!!!

Did I mention we got a snow day today? I will tell you, it was looking bleak though. My alarm goes off at 5:30, I usually will get up between then and 6. Today it was 5:45...and I started my normal routine. Plugged in the curlers (long story about bad hair), trekked downstairs to turn on the kettle, and settled in with my MacBook to look up school closings.

I don't live and work in the same district, in fact it's a half hour drive, but typically the weather is the same. So when every district from here to there, including the one I live in, was closed I was bummed! Every district I would pass on my commute, closed. Districts on the other side of mine, closed. Argh!

The website only listed new postings every five minutes so I'd do a refresh as soon as I could. 5:50, nope. 5:55 more but not mine. 6:00, nada. 6:05, oh come on! Even Holt, East Lansing, and Okemos are closed. Okemos is the district that is usually a sign for us--they never close, just like us, so when they do it usually means good news. 6:10, YIPPEE!!!!! About two minutes later I got the call on the phone chain. Sweet. The bad thing about this is I get so excited it's hard to get back to sleep. I did consider staying up but my bed with hubby and pup inside won out.

Anyway, I got up around 9:30 and ate my same breakfast. Played around on the computer for a while, and then finally convinced myself to Shred.

Yes, it is getting easier but darn it, I still had to stop. It's near the beginning where you do jumping jacks then jump rope. Not the warm up part, but just in...something about it, I had to stop again. But only once! My calves just burn during that part.

Anyway, I can tell I'm jumping higher in parts, squatting lower in others, and finally getting more of the timed breathing down. I almost wish there was something in the background saying, "In. Out. In. Out."

Last night in the shower, as I attempted to shave my legs standing up, my stomach felt extra flabby. So sad. But today it doesn't feel quite that way. Maybe the abs are working!

Since I got the Shred in so early my menu is incomplete. But hubs and I are going out to dinner tonight-SUSHI!!!-my favorite. When I have that, I don't feel guilty. I'm getting good, lean, fish, fresh veggies, rice, and edamame. I can't wait.

Green tea with cherry and pomegranate
Low fat (which is SO much better than the FF, worth the 4 grams of fat) Green yogurt, granola, and honey.

(**Post edit...I just reread to see it said GREEN yogurt. That can't be any good. I'm pretty sure I had Greek yogurt, just so you know!)

Glass of milk--which I've forgotten to add to my other days. Each day, post workout, I have a glass of milk.

3 tacos--same as last night but less cheese this time, more avocado. I shall call them Mean, Green, Taco Machines. (o:

After I post this, I'm snagging a grapefruit. I have 18 pounds of them to eat after all (quick story--at the grocery store I could have bought 3 for $2, 5 lbs for $4.49, or 18 lbs. for $4.99--what would you have done?!)

I'll check in again with my post sushi menu. I can guarantee you that it will mostly be spicy tuna!

To all the other ladies on day 5, a day or two behind, or those who just joined us, AWESOME!!!

**have now had some carrot sticks--it's 5:30ish and I'm starving. Reservations aren't until 8! I might have to go find another thing of yogurt!


  1. Your doing GREAT with you food intake.. Keep it up..:)

  2. What a nice day that you got called off from work b/c of the snow storm!! That would be awesome. We never have that problem in AZ! Good Job on your workout and eating. You made me crave grapefruit. :-)

  3. That very part gets me too and I have to stop. Grr!
    Keep it up, girl!!!

  4. Woohoo! We had a snow day too. LOVE IT.

    Sounds like you are doing AWESOME with your menu. Way to go.

  5. You are doing great Holly. I always had to stop then too. I got sore calves as well, but it gets better. Your diet is great. The Green Tea with Cherry and Pom, is that something you make?